February 2010 Newsletter:

Report from the outreach sub-committee

Over the last 12 months, the Society has funded several new and continuing initiatives in what might be broadly termed the educational outreach arena. Reports on two of these events are included below. These are, firstly, the 'An Appetite for Science?' day at The Department of Investigative Medicine at Imperial College, London, for year 12 school pupils from around the UK the Undergraduate Physiological Sciences Conference, and secondly, a one day event hosted by Keble College, Oxford, organised by and designed especially for undergraduate physiologists,. Our other major financial commitment is to the Practical Biology website (http://www.practicalbiology.org) being assembled by the Biosciences Federation/Nuffield Curriculum Centre. As agreed at the AGM in 2008, the Society is one of the Principal Sponsors of this website. This financial contribution is now being backed up by content, which the outreach sub-committee (Allison Fulford, Simon McArthur, Jon Johnston and myself) is developing in collaboration with Carol Levick, the website Resource Developer. So far, we have developed teaching project packages on 'stress and physiology' and 'why is it so difficult to lose weight through dieting'. We hope to have these BSN packages on the website in 2010.