February 2010 Newsletter:

Treasurer/Membership Secretary Report

ICN 2010- 15th FEBRUARY DEADLINE!. In the spirit of continuing to financially support our members and UK Neuroendocrinology where possible, we hope that you will be delighted to hear that the committee approved full payment of your registration fees to attend ICN in Rouen in July. Furthermore, we have negotiated with ICN2010 to apply this at source- so to speak- so that you will not have to pay registration to ICN at the time of registering. This only applies to 'early bird' registrations and anyone registering after 15th February will not only have to pay registration for ICN and claim back from the BSN, but also will only receive the equivalent of the 'early bird' rates and not the full rates applied after 15th Feb. Get onto the website! http://icn2010.univ-rouen.fr. Also, the offer is only open to those of you who were paid-up members for 2009, as well as being currently members in 2010.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Rouen so please take advantage of our financial support!

Grant schemes in 2009- Our grant schemes continue to attract many applications for financial support and in 2009 we gave away 36% more money (a total of nearly £34K) in awards than in 2008. Please see below for a breakdown of the grant schemes money spent. The names of awardees will shortly be posted on the BSN website and selected reports will be available to download. Please also read the international conference reports later in this newsletter, provided by members travelling to a wide variety of neuroendocrine conferences on BSN travel money.

Summary of Grants Awarded in 2009

Grant type no. awards £
International Conference Travel 11 5000
Neuroendocrinologists Research Visit 7 circa7300
Undergraduate student laboratory experience grants 6 circa9000
Student travel to BSN meeting 2 circa330
Symposium Support (incl. ICN) 4 circa11,400
Outreach 4 circa600

The next grant deadlines are 1st March for International Conference Travel and Neuroendocrinologists Research Visit.

NEW EXTENDED RULES NEURO-ENDOCRINOLOGISTS RESEARCH VISIT - The scheme for a research visit has been extended according to discussion and agreement at the last AGM and so the rules have altered- please consult these carefully. Essentially members may apply for money for other neuroendocrinologists to visit their labs now as well as for themselves to visit another lab and the total amount available per grant awarded is now £3000, including travel, accommodation and consumables. To encourage top standard research during these visits it is now expected that data will be presented at a subsequent BSN conference.

Please take advantage of this generous change to the grant and be active in further extending the feelers of UK Neuroendocrinology worldwide in 2010!

Alison Douglas, Edinburgh