February 2011 Newsletter:

Membership Secretary's Report

Dear BSN member,
Membership renewal for year 2011 was due by Dec. 31, 2010. All categories of membership have remained at the same price as last year given the current economic situation. Reminder notices will be sent out in the New Year. You may renew online by visiting http://www.neuroendo.org.uk and logging in to your account to submit payment. We would encourage you to renew online using a debit or credit card rather than using cheques as this reduces administrative costs. Additionally, cheques are to be phased out in the near future, so why not start now. If you must use a cheque please forward to me.

Membership benefits are increasing all the time and include the following: Journal of Neuroendocrinology free paper and online subscription, eligibility to apply for national and international travel grants, various research grants, as well as grants to support symposia (if you have paid membership for >1 year). Please visit the Grants Awards section of our web site. Please also encourage your new Postgraduates and Research Staff to join as they will be able to receive benefits too.

It is also critical that you update your personal and contact details on the membership web site.

Please forward ( Kevin.obyrne@kcl.ac.uk ) any ideas you consider important to improve the membership experience of BSN.

Kevin T. O'Byrne, London