February 2011 Newsletter:

The new grant on the block - The Student Project Support Grant

The purpose of this scheme is to provide support for consumables/other research costs to enable students to carry out the best possible neuroendocrine research project, for example by allowing the student to participate in in vivo experimental work. The scheme also benefits BSN members who have limited grant income in providing leverage for them to compete for studentships in order to train research students. Up to £5000 is available for student projects in labs based in the UK, EU or Rest of the World. Applicants should be members of the British Society for Neuroendocrinology who have been a member for a minimum of 12 months and who are the Principal Supervisor of the student project. Although this scheme is primarily intended to support PhD studentships, it will also provide resource for MRes and where appropriate, undergraduate projects. Please refer to the Rules for this scheme on the BSN website.

Application deadlines: April 1st and November 1st