Forthcoming grant deadline 1st April 2012:

Undergraduate student laboratory experience grants are available to provide some financial support for a student to undertake a vacation lab project. Grants cover a bursary of £130/week (£150/wk- London) for a maximum of 8 weeks. Additionally up to £1000 is available for consumables required for the techniques to be used.

Student Project Support Grants are available to provide financial support for consumables/research costs associated with a student research project. Although the scheme is primarily intended to support PhD studentships, it will also provide resource for MRes and where appropriate undergraduate projects. Awards will be up to a maximum of £5000 for identified consumables/research costs.

NB: For both grant schemes the Host Supervisor must have been a member of the British Society for Neuroendocrinology for at least 12 months, and should apply on behalf of the student.