Membership Secretary’s Report

The transfer to our new service provider, Portland Customer Services (PCS), for membership has gone well. There was one slight glitch when the “old” service provider sent out an automated renewal notice that caused obvious confusion; naturally that was a unique event. PCS were quite insistent that members should provide contact details etc., during the renewal process for 2012 and I supported their initiative to obtain complete and up to date information; so thank you for your patience. As you have already been informed, in subsequent years the renewal process will be simple!

Renewals to date for 2012 are in line with expectation except for students where numbers are considerably and alarmingly lower. If you have new PhD students in your laboratory please encourage them to become members as the benefits are considerable. Please visit the BSN website for more information on all grant schemes and application forms: Alternatively contact our Grants Panel Co-ordinator, Dr Allison Fulford ( for additional information.

Finally, Professor Julian Mercer is steaming ahead with PCS to provide a new and exciting website for BSN which will be launched within the next month or so. Please forward ( any ideas you consider important to improve the membership experience of BSN.

Kevin T. O’Byrne, London