Outreach Secretary’s Report

As referred to by Kevin in his above report, and as discussed at the AGM in Cambridge (see minutes below), the Society’s website is currently undergoing a complete redesign prior to its relaunch. We will use this opportunity to produce a website with dual functionality, with the ambition of taking the Society and neuroendocrinology forward over the next few years. The intention is that the new site will have a member’s section with the majority of the content of the current site, including details of grants, meetings etc, but also an ‘outreach’ section containing information at an appropriate level highlighting the relevance of our discipline to the wider population. At present we envisage that there will be 6 subject categories on this ‘public’ part of the site, covering Behaviour, Sex, Stress, Obesity, Maternal Influence and Body Clock. Individual members of the BSN Steering Group have agreed to take on the management of the content of these categories in the first instance. I would encourage members who are interested in contributing to the development of the public engagement pages of our new website to get in touch. I will then put you onto the appropriate person. With input from across the Society, we will be able to make best use of the various resources that we already have at our disposal and generate a web presence of which we can be proud.

Julian Mercer, Aberdeen