Treasurer’s Report

2011 has been a great year for the BSN financially. This success is mainly due to superb performance of the Journal of Neuroendocrinology, generating the increased revenue of £429k and together with decreased costs within Wiley-Blackwell meant that the return for the BSN rose from £150k in 2010 to £155k in 2011. This is due to the fantastic efforts of our editor in Chief of JNE, Dave Grattan and his team, and the marketing by Wiley Blackwell. We have taken full advantage of our positive financial situation to reward our membership as much as possible, even though the interest on our reserves is extremely low. We had an excellent Annual Meeting in Cambridge with wonderful accommodation and facilities as well as a great programme of speakers, all of which were heavily subsidised. We continue to give out the full quota of International conference grants, research visits, summer laboratory experience, student travel grants, as well as the new Student project support grants. Grant support this year was in excess of £48k. We also support Symposia in the name of the BSN as well as through JNE, to advertise the society and its journal, as well as helping members meet together to discuss their research and listen to internationally outstanding science. Also, we will soon be unveiling our new website, this will be a greater expense than the previous one, but the information available to the membership will justify the added expense. Already, the detailed information on membership incomes and information as well the detailed reports on costs provided by Portland Customer Services, makes my life as treasurer much easier – I am excited to see how it goes. Although we have to be relatively cautious in these times of economic uncertainty, we are always willing toconsider new funding ideas, so please send your ideas in to the committee – we are here to support the BSN community.

Megan Holmes, Edinburgh